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Adjustment of Mozilla FireFox browser for operation with an USB-Key device

Mozilla Firefox browser can become the reason of an USB-Key device block.

The reason for blocking is that the built-in mechanism for accessing protected sites with the certificate stored onto an USB-Key device when loading web-sites will pop-up a message requesting master-password for an USB-Key. Even if the message window is just closed without inputting any data the driver considers it as an attempt to input a password (incorrect password) and therefore after 15 such attempts it blocks an USB-Key device.

In order to prevent this kind of block the following is recommended:
- Either avoid using Mozilla Firefox browser while working with an USB-Key device
- Or switch off the usage of an USB-Key device for authentication for which the following steps are needed to be taken:

  • Open Mozilla Firefox
  • Go to menu Tools > Options > Advanced > Encryption
  • Press the button "Security devices"
  • In the opened window "Device Manager" in the left-hand column "Security modules and devices" choose "USB-Key"
  • On the right press the button "Unload" and for the request for the deletion of the device reply "Yes"
  • After that you must press "Ok" in this window and in the window "Options"

  • If in future you need to use an USB-Key device you should go to the site of a manufacturer and set the operation of a device according to the instruction placed as per following link: