Promsvyazbank on-line


Questions on connecting and configuring
  • I would like to connect to the system. Where to start?
  • After successful installation of software you will need to get a certificate
  • What software do I need to work?
  • There is no connection to the server
  • The system does not work after upgrade
  • To add a new Publisher certificate to the list of trusted certificates
  • Configure Google Chrome to work through "Standard Login"

  • How to operate the system
  • How do I create a payment order and send it to the bank?
  • What statuses do documents have?
  • User Guide
  • Can I see information on my account blocking?
  • How do I sort my payment orders before sending them to the bank?
  • How to complete budget payments according to 107-Н

  • Usb Key

    The first time you connect your device, you will be prompted to replace your default password with your own. Your own password should meet the complexity requirements and be entered in English layout only.
  • What is a USB Key?
  • Benefits of using a USB Key
  • What do I need to get a USB Key?
  • What do I need to start working with the USB Key?
  • USB Key interface guide
  • Configuring Mozilla FireFox to work with the USB Key
  • Error “Keystore device not configured” when working on Windows 64-bit with the installed Java 64-bit and using SafeNet Authentification Client (SAC) v. 8.x and higher for working with eToken keys
  • Your password has expired
  • Instability of JaCarta SE/PKI/GOST devices with multi-applet performance

  • Other questions
  • Error "Failed to validate certificate. The application will not be executed". download zip
  • What is the validity period of the certificate
  • Downloading and installing Java software
  • Configuring TLS 1.1 in Java 7
  • Installation of corrective patch for Java
  • Remove Java software
  • Description of the format of importing currency documents
  • Delete temporary Internet files doc doc/pdf
  • Convert currency at the market rate- Rate display error
  • Manual on how to connect/disconnect "Traffic Light" indicators